Supercomputer Education: Problems and Prospects

The Goal

The seminar is oriented on the discussion of the problems of training of the experts which able to use the supercomputer technologies for solving the important problems of science, technology, industry, and business efficiently. In this purpose, a broad discussion is planned within the framework of the seminar in order to outline the problems in the organization of the personnel training, to exchange the successful experience, and to determine the promising directions of development of the supercomputer education in Russia.

Topics of Interest

  • Development of Body of Knowledge and Skills in the supercomputer education;
  • International experience of the supercomputer education;
  • Recommendations on expanding the educational standards in the field of supercomputer technologies (SCT);
  • The curricula for training the personnel in SCT;
  • The training courses for supporting the recommendations of  Body of Knowledge and Skills in SCT;
  • Organization of the SCT educational programs for Master students;
  • Organization of the laboratory training in SCT education;
  • Recommendations of Body of Knowledge and Skills in SCT and training of the engineers;
  • Examples of successful organization of supercomputer education

and other related topics.

Within the framework of the seminar, the training programs for the presentation of educational programs, training courses, and laboratory training in the field of supercomputer education may be organized.

The Rules of Paper Submission 

The same as the general submission rules for the conference. Arrangement of the trainings should be coordinated with the organizing committee of the seminar.

Important Dates

  • April 22, 2018 - paper submission
  • May 15 - author notification
  • May 30 - camera ready submission

 Program Committee

  • Gergel V.P., UNN (co-chair)
  • Voevodin Vl.V., MSU (co-chair)
  • Sokolinskiy L.B., SUSU (co-chair)
  • Boldyrev Yu.Ya., StPPU
  • Bukhanovskiy A.V., ITMO
  • Gazizov R.K., UGATU
  • Meyerov I.B., UNN
  • Modorskiy V.YA., PSTU
  • Popova N.N., MSU
  • Yufryakova O.A., NArFU
  • Barkalov K.A., UNN


Konstantin Barkalov,