HPC Platform Efficiency and Challenges for a System Builder in details with Dell EMC HPC expert

With all the advances in massively parallel and multi-core computing with CPUs and accelerators, it is often overlooked whether the computational work is being done in an efficient manner. This efficiency is largely being determined at the application level and therefore puts the responsibility of sustaining a certain performance trajectory into the hands of the user. It is observed that the adoption rate of new hardware capabilities is decreasing and lead to a feeling of diminishing returns. At the same time, the well-known laws of parallel performance are limiting the perspective of a system builder. The presentation tries gives an overview of these challenges and what can be done to overcome them. The overview will be amended by a few case studies and optimization strategies on real applications.

Martin Hilgeman, Artificial Intelligence strategy leader, Dell EMC EMEA
Модератор: Никита Степанов, Инженер-консультант департамента серверных и сетевых решений, Dell EMC